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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Moving on down and another 5K in my future

So I have to say that adding cardio back in has really kick started my weight loss again.  I like seeing the numbers moving down on the scale.  I was 176.5 this morning.  I will take it :).  I hope to get a swim in tonight but it depends on the kids (since my oldest is/was sick).  I just have to keep being consistent and stick to it.  I will have the body I want and will have earned every double take :).  I will surprise people that I have had three kids and have a rockin body.  I will set a great example for my kids to live a healthy life and not a junk food one without physical activity.  I signed up for the March Fourth 5k here in Seattle.  Both for me to do another 5K and to support a good friend in her efforts to raise money for LLS.  I am excited.  I need to start running a bit again so I can do a decent time on the run.  March 4th Fun Run! 

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