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Monday, March 26, 2007

Well not to bad

After weeks of no exercises and binge stress eating I didn't gain any weight. Not sure how I got that lucky but I am going to go with it. Got back to the gym today and it felt great. I did an hour of workout. I did 30 min on the bike and then 30 doing core exercises. Feels good now just got to keep going. Joined Weight Watchers so that should help me to learn to eat better. Lets see how it goes.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Mid way picture

Okay so I had to take it myself. But it does show that I am sliming down. I think... Well anyway Chris will be home soon and I will have him take another and post that. I hope I can get to the gym next week. I think the hotel will have a gym so I will have to be going while we are doing house stuff. I need to keep going and not get sidetracked.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

pant size change

So yesterday I bought some...SIZE 12 pants! WOHOOO! I was so excited to buy those yesterday. I ran home to try on some other size 12s I had. Well some fit and some don't so maybe in the next week and a half if I am really good I can drop another couple pounds and fit into all my size 12 pants. This is so great. All this working out and eating better is paying off. I have been bad at times but overall making good progress. I am going to try to get my mom to take a picture of me now so I can see how I am doing looks wise. It is nice to be getting there. Almost to my pre-pregnancy size. Wish my scale worked, LOL. I will have to weigh myself this week and see how I am doing in that department.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Still moving down

So this week was going better than the last few. Although I am proud of myself because I did manage to go three days last week and two the week before. This week I was moving along and worked out three days. Monday and Tuesday I worked out for an hour each day and Wednesday I swam for 30 min. Let me tell you swimming is super hard for 30 min. Well even though I thought I wasn't doing that well I actually still lost about 3 pounds. Yeah for me. I am down to 158 and still moving in that direction. Not sure about working out today since I am home with sick kids but tomorrow I will get in there. Hopeing to lose those last three pounds before Chris comes home in two weeks. GO JESSI! okay there is my cheering team, LOL.