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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday practice with the Team, Tues OYO

We had another swim practice Monday. It was just what I needed to get me re-energized. I did the whole hour with drills and laps. Didn't track my laps but it was a great night. Tonight I did 10 laps in about 30 mins. I can feel my form getting better, my breathing is better and I feel faster. I am improving with every lap.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another 13 miles down

Today I rode from my driveway and did 13 miles. It was great. Torched about 450 calories :) and went uphill the whole way home. I just thought I was weak until I spoke with a friend who has done that trail and she told me. Made my day :). So here is a picture of me with my bike (Jeremy helping) and getting ready to head out. Got my new clipless pedals and Chris's shirt I am good to go. Chris even took a video as I left the driveway. There are more pictures I will post later.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Swam today

Well since I am on a 4 week break from running (insert crying person here) I am swimming more and the goal is to bike more too. So far the darkness has kept me off my bike. I did 22 laps today (50 yards a lap) for a total of 1100 yards in 45 mins. I was supposed to do 50 mins but my shins started getting achy. I went home did core and my physical therapy exercises and called it a good day. I am not thrilled about the break my shins are all tore up. Hopefully at the end of the 4 weeks I will be good as new, or better in fact. I have a whole bunch of exercises to do everyday to strengthen my hips, shins and calfs. I am going to do my core workout with my PT workout. I go to PT twice a week for the next 4 weeks. Well there it is.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

losing a pant size

Not sure where it went but its disappearing :). I wore my size 10s today. I am not down in pounds but probably because I am gaining muscle with all this triathlon training. I am hungry all the time. And if I don't eat its physically painful. It feels good to be losing inches :). I will have to remeasure soon.

First swim practice

Had my first swim practice on Monday. I learned a lot in the 1 hour of practice. I implemented some of it today during my swim. I didn't go to run practice since I am not running for a couple weeks while my legs get better. I swam 500 yards and did most of it in the good form. I still need work but its getting better each time I get in the water. Doing good.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

First Bike ride

Rode 13 miles today. Did a 3 mile warm up and then a 10 mile ride to Seward park in Seattle. I can't believe I did it. That is half the distance of my Triathlon ride. I am stoked about it. The first three miles took about 17 mins and the 10 miles took about 48. I am thinking that by the end of the 5 months I will have that time trimmed down. I am tired though :).

Monday, November 8, 2010

Swim done

Another swim done. We swam 600 meters again tonight. We did 2x 100 meter sets. A bunch of 50s and I don't think any 25s. But I could be mistaken. I think we did really good. It felt good and it was a great workout. I really enjoy swimming. Next week I start my coached swims and that will be great too.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Workout done!

So tonight I did level 2 of the 30 day shred for some core and strength. Not sure if its really what my coaches want but I think it will work for now :). My shines are still killing me no matter what I do and taking a break didn't help either. So I am just going to keep pushing on. Perhaps I will make an appointment at medical. We shall see.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page

Tuesday and Wednesday

Ran yesterday, 29 mins, 1.63 miles. I am at an 18 min mile right now but I know at one point i was doing over 2 miles in the 29-31 min range. I am just slower right now because I am spending to much time worring about what I am doing right and not letting my natural motion move me.
Today I went to swim 400 meters. I ended up swimming 600 meters. I was pretty proud of that. I did a couple 50 meter jaunts without stopping so that was good. Improving everytime I go. I think part of it is just getting back into the swing of things with swimming. Its been a long time.

We put a deposit down on my bike so I hope to have that by the first practice November 13th. Things are coming together. I am so excited!

new measurements

so I took my measurements the other day. my hip are the same 41". However my waist is down to 37". which is a 1.75" drop since October 11th. That is a great feeling. I am hovering between 157-158 which is good too. just need to keep on keeping on. I think I will do pictures at the end of November. Should be good.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday November 1

Swam today for my workout.  I love swimming days.  Its a work out let me tell you.  I did 7 round trip laps or 14 laps depending on how you count :).  Either way it equaled 350 meters.  Its a 25 meter pool.  That is 50 more meters than last week.  Wednesday the goal is to get to 400 meters.  I also did 1 full lap of 50 meters, rested then did another 50 meters and rested.  I am getting better with the face in the water thing.  I need to work on a smooth transition to breathing out of the water but its a work in progress and I am making great progress.  I notice a huge difference in the efficiency of my swim with my face down.  And when I pull up it feels like more work.  Which it is.  Eating is doing ok.  Portion sizes staying under control and trying to avoid the candy LOL.  Darn Halloween.