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Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 15 (Monday)

So today should have been legs.  But baby girl got sick and I have to leave work early which means no gym time.  So I had to do something at home.  Chest and tri's are the easiest to do at home so I did Wednesday in stead of Monday :).  It will all work out.  I will be offline from Wednesday night through most of the weekend but will update when I get back or earlier if I can.  I am traveling so it will be a good test of my willpower to still workout.  Might have to do some insanity with my sister but the point is more to get a workout in than to miss it completely.  Note to self icky food isn't worth it.  I had some and then worked out and man am I paying for it.  Bleh!!  When will I learn?  My triceps already hurt so tomorrow is going to be interesting.

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