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Friday, May 31, 2013

Rest day

Took a much needed rest day today.  I will be hitting the legs tomorrow.  But every now and then you just have to say, enough is enough and I'm gonna rest.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Today I got on the bike/trainer for 20 mins.  I wanted to do 30 mins but my bottom couldn't take it.  I will try for 30 next week.  Just build on a base.  I did shoulders and abs along with my "ride".  It was a really good workout.  I avoided temptation and didn't eat out.  Although I ate out at lunch :( so I don't know that being good at dinner really counted much.  Although half a sandwich really isn't bad.  No mayo.  I stayed under my calorie goal.  One day at a time.  Each day gets me closer to my goal.  Each good choice gets me closer to my goal.  I'm going to succeed.  I'm gonna be a healthy fit momma!  Finding inspiration everyday really helps as well.  Water was good, had a coffee but only 12oz so that is an improvement.  Like I said baby steps.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Back and Biceps

Today was back and bicep day.  I did 20 mins on the elliptical and did a great workout.  I'm feeling good about my workouts but not about my weight :(.  I hope it's just a product of outside factors and not that I am failing at my goal so early on.  Every day I do better.  Today wasn't the best, it wasn't the worst.  But there is always room for praise and improvement.  My upper body is for sure sore.  I am looking forward to my leg day tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week 2 day 1 chest and tri's

So I did a 5 min warm up and then did chest and tri's this morning.  It was only a 45 min workout so I know I might have pushed a bit fast.  But I was also real shaky by the end.  I really have to figure out a better morning routine.  Perhaps the banana and the muffin... Who knows but I will figure it out.  It was a good workout though and my arms were like noodles afterwards.  Legs weren't to bad today... so either they will be worse tomorrow or all the water I drank helped.  I drank 3 bottles (24 oz each) of water today.  And only 1 sweet tea at home from my kuerig.  I ate only what I took/had at home.  I didn't eat out so day one of the weekly goals I set was a success.

Monday, May 27, 2013

3 rest days?

No I can't do that.  So even though I am following the LiveFit training plan for my weight lifting I am not following it exactly for my working out.  As witnessed by the BOSU ball workout last Friday night.  Which I was still sore from today.  So I decided to do it again :).  I will do it every Monday night from here on out.  I rode my bike on the trainer for 20 mins and then did the leg workout.  Yeah I'm gonna kick this goal in the butt and show it whose boss.  Eating is less than perfect but I keep trying and keep doing better.  Bought stuff to take lunch to work so I wouldn't eat out.  Yeah sandwiches and chips but its better than Mcdonalds.  I am going to try to take wheat thins instead of potato chips and carrot sticks.  I'm gonna do cardio for 15-20 mins in the morning then do my weights.  Should be done by 0700 and then shower and get to work by 0730.  Sounds like a solid plan.  Now to get to bed at a decent hour :).  So here is to the start of week two of my BIG goal.

Small goals for this week.
Eat at home every night.
Take a lunch every day.
Workout every morning.
Don't be to hard on myself :).
Drink 2 bottles of water every day (64 oz).

Saturday, May 25, 2013


I totally felt this way today.  I did that BOSU ball leg workout last night and today it was super hard just to walk up the stairs.  I was carrying the baby and laughing at the same time it hurt so bad.  I'm going to need to do some cardio tomorrow to work out my legs.  Its a rest day for the next three days but I'm going to do some cardio just to keep moving.  This morning before I got out of bed I thought I didn't work hard enough.  Tonight I found muscles in my butt I didn't know I had.  This picture was found on pinterest.  I haven't figured out how to link back.  They changed how they did it.  I will though.  Feeling good about the new routine though and loving being back in the gym.  Hubby bought me a Garmin Forerunner 10 :) hot pink of course.  Haven't figured it out yet but I am sure I will.  I can even use it when I ride my bike.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 4

Oops forgot to post yesterday LOL.  Well I did shoulders and abs yesterday because I intended to do legs at work today.  Well I ended up doing legs at home tonight.  I got a BOSU ball and used the June issue of Oxygen magazine that had a killer leg workout with the BOSU ball.  I am sweating and breathing hard.  Oh man was it killer.  I am going to keep doing it each week to see if I am getting stronger.  I will still do the live fit but will add this in as well.  We are also going to try to get a pull up bar so I can learn/get strong enough to do a pull up.  Eating wasn't great today.  I wasn't prepared for lunch and dinner we ate out :(.  But overall it was a good week full of progress and success.  I won't let that leg workout defeat me.  Yes I struggled.  But who wouldn't, that stuff is hard.  It's supposed to be hard.  I won't look as good if I just drink shakes and get thin.  I wanna be a rockin hot mom of 3 in a bikini when I turn 35!  Keepin my eye on prize!  Hubby is even doing good with working out and eating healthier.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 2

So I couldn't do the pull downs or the row but I did everything I could.  I figured that any workout is better than none.  And it gets me in the habit of working out and doing my program.  I am missing cardio and my running but with my ankle being stupid I shouldn't run anyway.  Hopefully in another week or so I will get back out there because I really do love running.  I also hope to be in a real gym next week and for the remainder of phase 1 and 2.  That should improve my results I'm sure.  This week being at home is just about getting it done and just starting.  I didn't want to keep putting it off.  I have managed to eat at home all week.  Granted it's only Wednesday but so far so good.  I haven't let temptation get me.  I did indulge in ice cream today but sometimes you just have to.  Well you don't have to but I did.  But my goal this week was to eat at home.  So feeling good and glad I did workout.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Live fit... again

Going to try to do the live fit trainer again.  My ankle is a bit messed up so I need a cardio break.  So going to weigh train a bit and get my eating on track.  I have eaten at home two nights now.  Much better than last week.  So far I am doing good.  Trying to make small goals that will get me to my big goal.  I realized today that I needed a big goal to strive for and not just little ones so when I want that cake I can look at my big goal and say no.  Saying no is the hard part.  The big goal (not end goal) is to be healthy and fit by my next birthday (1 year).  I will have a healthy fit body like my Oxygen Magazine ladies.  I don't want to just be skinny.  I'm not going for a weight on the scale.  I'm going for a look.  I  going to keep the pictures and motivation around me because that seems to help.  And I'm going to keep pushing forward.  Working out isn't the problem.  Eating is... notice the theme over the last couple posts.  So tonight is Chest and tri's.  Going to get it done.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Food for thought....Literally

So the hardest part about any new lifestyle change is the change...
Yeah that sounds stupid but it's true.  Habits are hard to break, it's why they are habits.  Our biggest vice is eating out.  We do it alot.  Way more than we should.  Way more than anyone should.  So I shouldn't question why I'm still sitting at 165 after months of "trying" when really I try for a couple days maybe a week and then fail and binge for another week.  No not a healthy way to go.  Again like I said before I wish my switch worked like others and I can just one day wake up and eat clean and healthy.  But I'm not good like that.  I need to baby step my way into this.  I know most won't agree but I'm tired of failing and really want to make changes.  So as a new found effort to make the change I am making one at a time.  So I'm setting some easy goals to get me started.

1.) Cook at home Monday-Friday.
2.) Only Saturday or Sunday will be an eat out day and only one meal.
3.) Do this for one month and then adjust the goal based on progress.
4.) Only cook real unprocessed foods.  Nothing from a box.
5.) Carbs are ok but not every meal.  Try to limit to one meal a day.
6.) Learn to prep on the weekends.  This one is only a maybe since it won't matter in two months.

So there are my food goals.  By getting my eating on track I should start seeing results.  Put that together with a solid gym routine and I will be set.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My third official 5K

Saturday I did a 5K Coast Guard Remembrance run.  It was great.  Well it was tough, lets be honest.  As far as I have come I still am not a "leader of the pack" type runner.  I was at the back.  But it wasn't about winning or coming in first.  It was about going out there and doing it and finishing it for those fallen Coasties that can't.  It was about being bigger than me.  And it was tough.  I dropped my phone, and wanted so bad to walk.  I wanted to stop.  But my shipmates kept me going, they encouraged me when I was wanting to walk.  I managed to do the 3.1 in 36 mins.  That is a new personal record and I am proud that I finished, running 99% of the race and averaging an 11.4 min mile.  Honestly that is great for me.  I'm not trying to win, just finish.  And I did it.  It is more than those still in bed or sitting on the couch.  I have been super hungry ever since LOL.  But hope to get on track with eating tomorrow and this week while the hubby is out of town.  So much stress and sleepless nights, cooking isn't my thing right now.  But our budget and my waist are screaming at me.  The hard part is I want to be one of those people.  You know the type, those ones that just one day put down the cake and walk away from the unhealthy eating.  I know the eating is my biggest hurdle and I wish it was as easy as flipping a switch.  But those addictions are hard.  And I need more will power.  I need to say no more.  If you say no enough, saying yes becomes difficult.  I just need to push through the next month and I know I will be healthier for it.  So tomorrow I will turn another chapter and try again.  I will get a new routine at work and hopefully incorporate my workouts into my work day.  Wish me luck.  I will ease into paleo and make a healthy, happy example for my kids.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

3.1 virtual 5K

Finished my virtual 5k with the the Another Mother Runner community that I spoke of earlier.  I finished my 3.1 in 40 mins.  I had my family with me and hubby hurried ahead at the end to cheer me to the finish :).  It was super cute.  It was our start to the Mother's Day festivities.  I was really happy with my progress and time.  I am out there getting it done.  If I keep going and adding mileage I should be able to do a 10K by the end of the year.  What a goal.  Now to find one to sign up for LOL.  And pull out my Train like a Mother book for the training plan.  I have my CG Run2Remember next weekend so I'm looking forward to that.  Overall I'm proud of myself and can't wait to see how much better I get over the summer.  Next week I am starting week 2 of Ripped in 30.  I will do level 1 today to finish out the week.  I took Friday as a rest day and will have done Ripped in 30 5 days this week.  My goals for the rest of the month is to workout 6 times a week.  Running 3x a week and Ripped in 30 5-6 times per week.  I hope to be below 160 before June 18th when we move out of the house.  I think it's good to have goals and strive for them.  Also hope to eat Paleo for the next 30 days.  Really unless I give it an honest try I will never know.  A week here or there isn't a good gauge.  I just need to buckle down and commit.  If I want to no longer feel and look the way I do then I have to make the changes.  No amount of excuses are going to make it happen.  I am very stuck at 165 and I hate the way I feel.  I love how my working out makes me feel but I ruin all that effort with a junk diet.  Time to clean up my act, literally.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Back on track

So after the week of crazy and not getting a single workout in I got my butt moving today.  I went for a run walk with hubby so it wasn't my normal but it was good for my soul :).  Burned about 200 calories.  I then decided to change it up.  I have never actually completed Ripped in 30 so I thought I would give it a go for a change in pace.  I have done 30 day shred and I like it but I needed something fun and fresh.  It kicked my butt for sure.  I really like that I can do this M-F and their are 4 workouts so one each week for a month.  Works good for me. 
Food for today I had a travel bowl of rice krispie cereal and some sort of muffin (not the top).
I had left over steak, lettuce, cheese, olives, avocado for lunch.
I had carne asada chimichanga for lunch (about 3/4 of it).

Overall a decent eating day and a good workout day.  I'm going to do a morning workout at the gym on base since the weather is so hot being outside running kinda sucked.  Yeah I don't know how I will handle Texas heat and run.  It will be a new challenge that I will overcome.

Friday, May 3, 2013

The week that we all have

You know those weeks where the hours at work get crazy and the days get to long.  Those weeks where you don't make the time for the workout and you feel like poo and can't sleep and it becomes a vicious cycle.  Yeah that was my week.  Getting home at 530 at night really through my whole routine off.  But you know what?  One off week isn't how I got to be 166 pounds.  Week after week of sitting on my bottom is how I got to be out of shape and 166 pounds at 33 years of age.  So tomorrow I'm gonna "lace" up my running shoes and kick my lazy butt in gear.  I will do a run in the morning and some shred tomorrow night.  My schedule should remain fairly constant the rest of the month.  So here is to getting my workout on and eating healthy.  Plus we need to eat down our pantry so we can move the household good in 6 weeks.  Busy, busy.