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Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 33 (Friday)

I give... I just can't do it tonight.  I will have to take an extra day of rest this week.  Thankfully I have a medical appointment next week and they can get this figured out soon because missing a workout for such a stupid reason every month is going to suck.  Anyway tomorrow if the weather is nice perhaps I can go for a bike ride outside.  No matter what a workout will be done tomorrow even if its on the trainer and upstairs.  I will probably do today's shoulder cardio tomorrow instead of legs since legs are harder to do at home.  It really throws me off missing a work out.  But I hurt all over :(.  The reason I picked the picture I did today is because I have become addicted to working out and lifting weights and tonight I am not fulfilling my addiction :).  I hope I don't get all cranky haha.  I am glad that I love it so much.  Makes working out something I look forward to and not something I dread.  You should never feel like its a chore.  Working out should be fun and enjoyable.  Find something you love.  I am going to make my goals, all of them.  Today I even had a friend ask if I had lost weight :).  Now that is a great feeling.

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