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Monday, October 21, 2013

Sickness hit our house

Right as I finished my 30 days the house got sick.  We spent a week with everyone in the house running fevers.  And up until last Wednesday I was still throwing up at least one of my 2 meals.  Now I am just coughing and wheezing.  I should go to the Dr because this cough is terrible.  But I'm not.  I am going to try to start the Live Fit trainer.  The first four weeks don't have cardio so I am hopeful that will give me time to get better before I have to do cardio.  Breathing is difficult.  But I need to be back  in the gym and working out.  I can tell it will help me.  As I start getting better I will add cardio back in to start kicking this fat.  I'm sorry that I haven't been posting while sick.  I will be posting daily again.  Weight is down to 163 so there is a plus side.  And I made weight for the Coast Guard.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 29

Well today was a better day than yesterday.  I got my workout in.  I tried bodystep.  Not sure if I will keep going.  For sure burned calories and sweated alot but I couldn't keep up very well and jumping is not my strong suit.  Eating has been all over the road this week.  I didn't eat enough today but don't feel super hungry.  Going to finish some paleo bread and then head to bed.  Tomorrow is day 30.  We will see how far I got.  This is by no means the end.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 28 ended at the ER with one of the kids

Well today was a day it just didn't happen.  I slept in.. then when I was going to jump into bodypump I ended up going home which turned out to be a good thing since had to take J to the ER for a fractured humerus in his arm :(.  So eating wasn't awesome and I didn't get a workout in :(.  My weight is gonna suck for the final weigh in tomorrow, and or Friday.  Oh well such is life.  I will keep on going and those pounds will come off.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 27

I can't believe that I'm almost done with my first 30 day challenge and thinking about the next 30 day challenge.  For working out these 30 day challenges seem to be the best way to go.  For eating, well taking that one day at a time and making the best choices I can.  I can splurge here and there as long as it's not everyday.  As of this morning I was 166.5 meaning a 3 pound loss in 27 days, but it's solid weight gone and hopefully I will be down inches too.  I will succeed.  I don't need to crash diet to do it.  I will just keep plodding along and working out, making healthy choices and get there.  Goal for October is 5 more pounds lost so to be at 160 by 1 November :).  Or close to it.  To be still doing 6x a week at the gym.  To be running more consistently and be adding mileage.  I really want to do a 10 mile run in Austin in April and by the end of 2014 finish my first half marathon.  I will do this.