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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 32 (Thursday)

Well I didn't want to.  Seems the theme this week.  Starting my cycle doesn't help my motivation that's for sure.  But if you want to change you can't do the same thing you have always done.  You must do different to be different.  I got on the bike.  I told myself I would do at least 15-20 mins.  I did 30 mins.  My back is achy and crampy but I still did 30 mins!  Then I wasn't up for doing weights.  I am just tuckered out.  But I did some hammer curls, ya know just a couple which turned into the whole set of exercises for today.  Well the ones I could do or modify at least.  There were a couple that I couldn't do but I did most.  I also did not do the ab section but ya know I will catch those so no worries ;).

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