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Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 36 (Monday) Start of Week 6

Today was a good day.  Well except being super tired from the baby being up all night.  I did get a coffee this morning but needed something to get me going.  That held me over until workout/lunch time.  I did back and cardio today.  It was a good day :).  I feel like I am not lifting enough.  So tomorrow I am going to go through my old logs and see what the highest weight I did was and start there.  I need to be lifting heavier and I feel like I am just lifting what is comfortable.  I did the elliptical for 30 mins and burned 303 calories and went 2.2 miles ;).  Then this evening I jumped in the pool did 1000 yards (20 laps) in 40 mins and called it a night.  Not sure on calories burned there.  I did ok with eating too.  2 eggs for breakfast, coffee and fresh raspberries for a mid morning snack, salad with dressing and croutons with left over chicken for lunch and a luna bar before I swam.  Dinner was 3/4 of a chicken asiago sandwich from Wendy's, a small lemonade and a small fry.  I don't upsize.  One thing I noticed is my attitude is finally starting to change.  It used to be that while I knew I shouldn't eat out I still wanted it.  Tonight I didn't want it and knew I shouldn't.  I still did :( but I was fairly weak and didn't want to wait another 45 mins to eat.  Body needed fuel.  It was crap though and I hope to not do that again soon.  I like the change in my attitude towards eating out though.  Anyway the inspiration from today comes from Pinterest of course and reminds me of my spouse who is super supportive and I am thankful to have him on the same page with me.  Makes this whole process easier when you get healthy together.

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