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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jillian videos are a Love/Hate thing

I love to hate these videos.  But I know they work for me.  I got Shred It with Weights done while Kaitlynn took a nap and the older two played.  I am determined to not make excuses.  My legs were like jello at the end that is for sure.  Jumping squats that turn OMG I thought I would die.  I did slow down a bit due to being overheated but I didn't stop moving and I know that each day I will get stronger.
So far I have had pancakes, coffee, a sandwich, a few bites of pasta salad, 24 oz of water, some knock off gatorade and now drinking more water.  Tomorrow is a grocery shopping day :).  So I need to make a good healthy menu and implement it.  I will reach my goal.  I will be the best me I can be :).

On a side note weight is at 172.5 so that is my starting weight.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Finally arrived!

We finally arrived in Texas about a week ago.  It's been crazy unpacking and moving boxes and the heat.  But we are slowly getting settled.  Most of the kitchen is done.  Most of what is left is books and misc items we probably don't need anyway :).  I am really wanting/needing to find a workout routine that will work for me.  I want to workout first thing in the morning but so far have not succeeded.  I know once the kids start school and I'm up at 0700 I will find time.  Right now we are getting up about 830/9am and then running errands and making dinner and other meals and unpacking.  Ah the joys of moving.  I am fairly certain I am losing weight although not 100%.  Just eating at home is helping I'm sure.  My clothes are fitting better since we arrived.  I will update tomorrow on the goal of getting a workout in ;).

Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend with the family

We spent the weekend down in Portland with our family and it was nice to see everyone.  It was sad too knowing that we won't see some again for quiet sometime.  We ate terrible, story of my life right now.  I'm sure at this point I am above 170... But I will get rid of it.  I just wish I wasn't back sliding so much.  I tried to slow it down and had for a week or two but this weekend was not good to my waist.  Two more weeks until we are in our own home again and healthy home cooked meals are going to be so amazing.  We will be purchasing a BBQ as soon as we can and grilling alot.  Need to find crockpot and grilling recipes that are healthy.  I'm so ready.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of Jully

It's America's Independence day.  It's a day to remember, to celebrate and to get together with family and friends for BBQ.  Today is one of those days that can be hard on the nutrition and staying on track.  One thing to keep in mind is that one day won't destroy your hard work.  But that doesn't mean we should rush out and eat everything.  There is plenty of things we should and can eat like watermelon and fruit salad, hamburgers made fresh not from a fast food chain, sweet potatoes instead of regular.  Lots of options just gotta make good choices.  Everyday is a chance to try again.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

13 Days left

Only 13 more days left in the hotel North of Seattle.  Today was an ok eating day but hope to get a workout in tomorrow.  Fourth of July run go me :).  Just getting three days will keep me from gaining anymore.  Or so I hope.  Some good news a friend of hubby's is doing the zone program with crossfit for eating and has abs and it is inspiring him to keep pushing forward.  Can't wait until we get to Texas and we can get to eating great and working out more and getting healthy and fit.  For now we just have to do what we can and know that this is temporary.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Run turned walk, still did 2 miles!

So it was one of those runs... You know the kind where you really want to go and dream of how awesome it will be, then it turns into one of the worst runs ever...

That was me today.  But despite the horribleness of the run turned walk I still completed 2 miles.  And shoot that is something to be proud of, right?!  I started strong, but the reality is my nutrition like usual sucks and my water intake is terrible (which isn't normal) and honestly I'm going backwards.  I'm sliding so fast. But I know that I will be able to recover.  I just need to not fall apart at the end.  I only have two more weeks.  I know that these last two weeks will be the toughest on me but I have to just keep pushing.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Loving me

So part of becoming a new me this year is learning to love me.  Learning that my weight doesn't define me and that really it doesn't matter what other people think. I took a big step in that direction today when we went to the lake.  I wore my swim suit and didn't feel compelled to leave on shorts or anything to cover my body.  I'm not going to let my lack of self confidence ruin my memories with my children.  Today was about having fun and enjoying the day.  And we did.  I was going to run this morning but it didn't happen and while I wish it would have I understand that our current non sleeping situation is temporary and pushing to hard only makes my stress higher.  So I will try again tomorrow.  I will reach my goal.