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Friday, January 20, 2012

Lets talk food...

So lets talk about food.  Lets be realistic and realize that no I have not changed everything about my eating overnight.  The reality is that most people won't/can't.  I have developed habits.  Eating out, crappy food habits.  Chips were a daily staple with lunch.  Soda too for that matter.  So Chris and I started by eating Paleo.  That was our first step into real non processed foods.  And you know it made a big difference.  We felt better and started losing some weight.  Him more than me.  It is hard to be strict with, I will be honest about that.  I know alot of people can go cold turkey but that just isn't for me.  I get all cranky :).  So we started slow.  Eating more salads and veggies.  Cutting out the grains and carbs.  Cutting out processed foods as much as we could.  In the beginning we ate out alot more.  Cheat meals were more frequent.  I have been working out and eating better for about 6 weeks (give or take).  I no longer eat chips at lunch or any meal for that matter and don't miss them.  I have cut back my soda from 1 a day, full calories to cherry coke zero each day, to only every couple days.  See how I am cutting back rather than going cold turkey?  I don't eat grains at dinner.  I try to limit them to only at breakfast and then usually a bowl of cream of wheat.  Cuz who doesn't love that stuff.  I do add 1 small spoonful of sugar, but who doesn't, haha.  ITs all about the baby steps.  If I get a hankering to go out we hit Subway instead of Taco Bell or Wendy's.  Although sometimes I miss those Wendy's Chicken sandwiches.  But the more I say no the easier it's getting.  I have made great improvements to my diet and I am very proud of myself.  Yes I can do better, yes I am working towards that goal.  But when I cut to much to fast I get all cranky and that just won't do either.  So hang in there and stick to it.  IF I can change so can you.  Love water too now.

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