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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 31 (Wednesday)

Legs day wohoo!  Not really.  Legs days are hard :).  I couldn't do everything being at home, a leg press is hard to come by haha.  But I did all that I could.  I will do the leg press tomorrow during my arms workout.  No cardio tonight.  I wanted to swim but it just wasn't in the cards and that is ok.  I got a good sweat on during my legs session.  Tomorrow I will hit the eliptical and get it done or will I run... It's hard to say for sure.  Plie squats do work some inner thigh muscles which is good, those thighs need to stop being so close :).  Anyway got my workout done and that is what counts, with good form and good weight. My motivation picture tonight is pretty much how I felt. I just had to do it even though I am tired and did not want to work out. But one skipped workout turns into another, and another and before you know it your totally off track.

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