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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Still working out :)

Just haven't been posting. Well lets see. I was sick over the holidays. I started the New year with a 5k Resolution run and it was great. I finished in about 45 mins and had a great time. Went 3.3 miles. The following Monday I had practice and swam about 1750 yards. Wednesday January 5, 2011 I did another 3.3 miles go me. On Saturday's practice I did a bike/run. Rode 1.77 miles for a warm up in about 10 mins, then rode another 10 miles in about 50 mins. Last but not least I went .9 miles in about 11 mins. I forgot to stop my timer haha. Monday January 10, 2011 was a rough swim and I only made about 50 mins. My nutrition is way off but today Wednesday January 12, 2011 is a fresh start with the food. I am hungry right now so I know my breakfast wasn't enough. Its going to be trial and error and keeping track of how I feel. Oh yesterday Tuesday January 11, 2011 I got on my new bike trainer for 30 mins, man that was intense. I was dripping. Then I did some of my physical therapy stuff for my hips and stretching. I feel really good today. I will post my food for today at the end of the day. Working to eat more fruits and veggies instead of chips and junk food. So far the new year is going good for working out. Get my food figured out and I will be golden.