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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 30 (Tuesday)

Today I was home all day.  Been happening alot lately with the kids getting sick and snow days.  But I still got my workout on!  Did chest, abs and cardio today.  Rode the bike for 30 min and it felt great.  I am getting back into the swing of riding again.  Last week when I got on the bike I was dieing the whole time.  This time felt more like rainbows shooting from my feet the whole time :).  I love that phrase.  Anyway it was a good workout.  I was up all last night with a sick baby and taking care of two sick kids today I am super tired *yawn so I did break down and get a soda :( but hey this momma needed a pick me up :).  I am off tomorrow so I hope to get the house picked up and rest some.  We shall see.  Legs tomorrow with no cardio :).  Although if I can I will swim hahaha.

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