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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Still working out

I am still working out but with our trip this weekend and then the craziness of being back I just haven't had a chance to post.  So Saturday I went for my run.  I didn't go with the team since we were out of town but I did go.  I ran for 50 mins and did 3.75 miles.  That is a big deal for me.  I have never gone so far in one stretch.  I am so proud of myself.  I then did 25 miles on Sunday through Portland it was fun.  I went with my sister, and hubby.  Monday I rested.  Tuesday was a run day and after Saturday I was feeling good about running outside.  Well that didn't last.  I got to my halfway 20 min mark and was 1.6 miles in. I was so happy because that meant my 3.1 or 5K time had improved by 5 mins.  That is a big deal for me. It also means my 1.5 mile time has improved by 2 mins (just realized that).  But on the return trip I sprained my stupid left ankle :(.  So now I am limping and just trying to rest in the hope that I can be up to running Saturday with my team.  If I am still hurt I will go and just hang out.  Either way I need to get back from this injury quick.  I am skipping my run tomorrow.  I thought about riding but really I just need to get better.  STP is in 6.5 weeks.  I can't get injured!!  I did get my jersey in, wohoo so I am going to try to get hubby to take a picture of me in it.  How fun.  Ok that is my fast update.  Baby has been sleeping like poo so I am off to bed before she wakes again so I can get some sleep.  I will post more later ;).

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Not so great run

So today was a not so great run day.  I still got 2.5 miles.  I almost think it was the crappiness of the treadmill that wasn't working for me.  I had to walk more than I was able to run and that was for sure frustrating.    But I got in there and got 40 mins done regardless.  I read a good article about cheating on the paleo diet and it made a lot of sense and why things were always so hard for me.  When you cheat your body has to go through the detox, craving, withdrawls all over again.  And let me tell you that is the worst.  So we decided that it would be easier to start on Tuesday after grocery shopping when we could just make sure we wouldn't have to "cheat" because there wasn't another option.  We are still going to try our best to make paleo choices and at least make the healthiest choices we can.  We have a busy fun weekend.  I don't expect to be able to post much this weekend but will catch up on Monday night.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The last two days

So yesterday I ran which was awesome.  I did 40 mins just like I was supposed to by both my Train Like a Mother plan and my TNT plan.  Yeah to many plans.  But luckily TNT just wants time for right now.  I went 10 mins run and 1 min walking three times.  I went 2.75 miles, my furthest distance in that time at a constant 4.5 mph on the treadmill.  I also had the incline at 1.  I am doing really good with my running and am super happy about it.

Tonight I did an upper body weight lifting routine and got on the trainer for 30 mins.  So I am doing really good for the week.  My eating still is my biggest hurdle but I did manage to have rotisserie chicken and salad for dinner.  Not super paleo but closer than its been.  No soda today! So that is a start.  Gotta start somewhere right :).  Green tea and water.  Trying to come up with a better tracking system for food because as much as I love myfitnesspal it can sometimes be a pain to enter stuff if it isn't in there or its homemade.  Plus I don't think my calories are the problem its the types of foods I am eating.  Eating at home would be a great start.  Eating strict paleo would be another.  Hubby and I talked tonight and both agree that our son needs to cut sugar out because it makes him freak out and do bad things because he just gets so hyper.  So we are going back to a strict paleo diet for the next month to see if that helps him and we all know it will help us.  We have to do this for him as much for us.  I just hope its enough to not cave when the cravings come.  Got to stay strong.  I think having my sister tracking with me and holding each other accountable will help.  I would love to be down in the 140s by August when I have to order my bridesmaids dress.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bike ride with the kids

I wish I had gotten a picture but hopefully next time.  We got a new bike trailer to be able to take all the kids with us when we go ride.  So I have a single trailer that will hold the baby and hubby has a double for the bigger two.  It was so great to ride as a family.  We only did about 14.5 miles but it was still alot of fun.  It was raining pretty good too.  My legs were for sure shot by the end.  It is suprising how even though we didn't go very far that extra weight make a huge difference.  We hope to ride most Saturday's after my run practice with TNT.  With all the nice days this summer it should be a great time.  Still not as much distance as I would have liked but better than not getting on the bike at all and towing a trailer has to count for something :).  The baby slept a lot of the ride which made it great.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Second Team run

Today was a great run day!  I managed to do 50 mins (above my 40 min that I have been doing) did a 4 min run/2 min walk and ran 3.5 miles.  Not bad!  I was super excited about it.  I am loving this summer time training.  Love the TNT training shirt as well.  I need to wear it more.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Been away

I have been away, usually this means I am not working out which for sure won't help me reach my goals. I did ok the week after my surgery but then got a nasty cold and I just can't kick it.  I tried just resting and that didn't help.  So today I went for a bike ride.  Only did 26 miles but its better than not going.  I feel a bit better cold wise but man my body is achy.  I know, I know my nutrition is sucking :(.  I really wish eating was easier for me.  Or that I didn't like food.  That would for sure make it easier LOL.  My sister is getting married in 6 months.  If I don't lose enough weight I have to buy my dress in a bigger size and then maintain until after the wedding.  So it comes down to choices.  I need to get on my game and come up with a plan to get more than 5 pounds a month off this body.  Brainstorming ideas here I go...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

First run post surgery

So I have to say I was a little worried since I was off for so many days but my first run after my surgery went really well.  I was feeling it at the end and I didn't have that slow down time during my walking since it was only one minute.  I am so glad that I keep on pushing and that I am doing so well.  I am trying really hard to take great  care of my shins/calfs and not let them slow me down to much.  So I did 1min walk and 9 mins run, 3 times.  I completed the whole workout without extra walk breaks and feeling good at the end.  I am excited for kick off on Saturday where we will do a 40 min walk/run.  I will be already up for the challenge.  I did 2.64 miles today and burned about 300 calories.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Last workout before surgery

So today I was really debating running or just swimming.  I had the choice.  We got to the gym early so I could run (since it takes 40 mins) and still let the hubby get his swim in.  But I was really debating if I should run with my legs being what they are.  But ya know I did it.  I went, got on the treadmill and did my 40 mins.  I was supposed to do 3 segments of 8 mins run/2 mins walk.  Well I miss counted my intervals so my last segment was 10 mins but that is ok :).  I did it all and felt great at the end.  I am so glad I did it.  I did not swim.  When we got home hubby and I did a chest and tricep workout.  All in all it was a good workout day.  I won't be working out tomorrow and not sure about Friday yet.  It will really depend on how I feel as to if I workout.  I am playing it by ear at this point.  I am down 1.5 pounds from last week.  Success!  It feels good to be going down again and eating better.  Nutrition really is a big deal.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday, what a day

So this week is crazy busy, stressful and many people would use it as a reason to not workout and just eat junk to survive.  I will admit I indulged in a White Chocolate mocha before my test today.  I do not think it helped me pass my test LOL but I drank it anyway.  I only get to take this test once a year so its kind of a big deal.  I was super nervous, studied but don't think I did very well.  Only time will tell how I did but I left there feeling much more stupid than when I arrived.  I for sure studied the wrong info but when you have that many books there is just no way to get through them all and they changed the game plan a month before the darn test, ugh.  Anyway moving on so that is one stressor out of the way.  Tomorrow is my daughter's surgery and Thursday is mine.  I won't be able to work out on Thursday but I will get my workout in tomorrow and try for this weekend depending on how I recover.  Gosh I hope I can workout Saturday and Sunday.  I did a kettle bell workout to get some strength and cardio and a workout in.  Hubby had to work late so I needed something quick.  It was good and my abs are thanking me LOL.  Just got to give it everything I got and keep at it. I will get where I want to be, its not an option to fail.  I have to say this really struck me after my achievement yesterday.  I realized that I needed to stop holding myself back.  We will see how tomorrow goes.