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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Time on the trainer and week 1 still

So I got on the trainer for the first time after my fall.  The bummer is that apparently I did hurt myself more than I realized and have been aggravating it.  So I only got 20 mins on the trainer tonight :(.  I did do another day of week 1 of Ripped in 30.  I am looking forward to moving to week 2 I just hope my hand/thumb will take the abuse ;).  I need to kick it up a notch LOL.  I was 169.3 at work today... so not sure how accurate that is since I was 170.8 at home.  I am thinking I am around 170 which is still good in my book and progress in the right direction.  I hope to get outside on my bike this weekend.  That wasn't bothering my hand to much and I can take some naproxen before I go :).  Yeah I just need to get more time on my bike ya know.  Only 3.5 months until Seattle to Portland and I am not getting enough miles/hours on my bike as I would like.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More progress pictures

I know it kind of feels like I just did these.  But really it has been a month :).  Wow time really does pass so you might as well use it productively.  At least this year I am not going, gee wish I would have started 3-4 months ago ;).  This year I am getting it done.  40 pounds gone.  Do you know what 40 pounds of weight loss looks like... Here let me show you.  Yes this is a rather embarrassing picture.  This was one month after I had my beautiful baby girl.  So I guess technically this is 5 months of progress however I didn't really start working out until after my 6 week check up.  But either way its been 5 months.  40 pounds are gone and will never be seen again.  And I have gotten complimented twice this week on how much thinner I am looking :).  That is a great feeling.  So now for the other progress pictures.  The next one is my workout progress picture and those start in December and go until now so 4 months of picture progress.  I am not sure why a picture wasn't taken in November.  Probably because I just didn't think it was worth it... not sure.  I am proud to say that my wonderful hubby and I started this weight loss journey together and have both lost 40 pounds so that makes me happy we are setting a great example for our kids.  My oldest even worked out with us tonight.  I do recommend the Ripped in 30 if you want a good workout.
Ok so here are the pictures...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday March 26

Wow what a rough night.  We all slept poorly due to the baby being up most of the night fussing and sick.  I hope tonight goes better.  Last night I attempted week 2 of the Ripped in 30 but have to admit with a sprained thumb all the plank moves were really tough.  So I am going to stay in week 1 for an extra week to give my thumb time to heal but still work out.  I prepped all our lunches for the week and am proud of myself for that.  I actually had someone say they thought I looked thinner :).  That is a great feeling.  When someone else actually notices that you are slimming down.  I really am happy about that.  I also need to remember that I am not that number on the scale and that I just need to focus on being healthy.  Sadly due to work I have to worry about that number until I get to 165 and weigh in next month.  That will be the last time I will ever worry about a weigh in :).  The only dilemma now is to work out tonight or just go to bed.  It really is a tough choice since I am plain exhausted.  I really have to remember its all about choices.  How do I want to look this summer?

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday March 23

So yesterday I took the night off.  Yes I sprained my thumb in my fall on Wednesday :( and no it doesn't feel great.  DR said at least a week to 2 weeks with no riding my bike.  I plan to ride this weekend on the trainer since I can do that either one handed or no hands :).  I am also sticking to my video and its going good.  Today I completed week 1.  I will start week 2 tomorrow since normally I am going to try to take my rest day on Friday.  I am so proud of myself for making it through the week.  It was rough but I got it done.  Working out for me isn't the hard part.  Eating is my hurdle.  I will get there though.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bike ride and a video

Well the title sounds better than I felt.  I was all set to do 20 miles today.  Weather was great, not to hot (45 degrees) not raining and not to windy unless I was going 24 mph :).  But at mile 10 I went to turn around and didn't unclip both feet and fell.  Yeah it was bound to happen, it always does and I did it.  Luckily no one saw but I caught myself with my left hand/wrist and trying to ride after that was painful.  Like the crying when no one is looking painful.  So I called my wonderful hubby who loaded all three kids up and drove down to get me.  So 10.68 miles ridden and my ripped in 30 video done for the day.  Not to bad.  Could have been better but could have been worse.  Today was day 4 of the new video.  I did skip the push ups... I mean come on :).  But I am giving it all I have got.  I am down to 170.7 today.  That is a total of 40 pounds lost!  Sometimes I get frustrated and mad that I am having to work so hard.  But I will appreciate all the hard work and I will be in better shape because I am having to work so hard.  And I wouldn't trade my little angel for being skinny.  I would gladly do it again just to see her smile and hold her close.  Anyway overall a good day.  I got my Train Like a Mother book so I am super thrilled with that.  I was expecting it tomorrow.  I will get to start reading it tomorrow instead :).

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 20th

So last night DH took some pictures of me feeding our 6 month old.  I felt really disgusted with my body and how I looked.  Like to the point I have been super upset since yesterday.  I know I shouldn't hate myself this way but gah sometimes it feels like I haven't made any progress and when the scale shows none for a month you start to really wonder if it's working.  Or you pick apart your workout, eating, or anything else you can blame.  I find I also start beating myself up about everything even none wieght related things.  We as women put to much on our appearance and especially our weight.  I don't know why we do this but we do.  I wish I didn't feel this way.  I know that I am doing good but I guess I feel like I could be doing better.
I did day 2 of the Ripped in 30 video.  Man my legs were hurting before I started and I didn't give them any mercy last night.  Today I am not feeling to bad but I haven't worked out yet.  I am home with one sick 5yo and the baby so I will work out tonight after everyone is in bed or at least settled for the night.  Tomorrow I am not working either since our boy is running a fever of 102 as of right now.  I will try to do my video either in the morning or early afternoon so I can go for a ride tomorrow night.  It should be a 20 mile ride which would take about 2 hours give or take.  I can leave from the house.  It will be a great ride.  So now to focus more and really take food more seriously as I believe that is where I am making most of my mistakes.  I like to eat out.  I have to remind myself its not worth it.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday March 19th

Wow what a weekend.  Sorry I didn't get a chance to post it was super busy around here though.  I got a new Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 DVD.  I did that on Sunday and wow I was sweating like you wouldn't believe.  It was a good workout though.  I got to ride for an hour but since I hadn't eaten breakfast yet and had just finished the ripped in 30 I was wiped after an hour.  The goal this week is to get a good 20-30 mile ride in Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  I was 173.1 today which is up a little from mid last week but down from last Monday by about .5 lbs.  So overall not bad and eating was not so great.  But since I have "closed the bank" we won't be eating out again anytime soon.  I went shopping for a month except fresh fruits and veggies.  So we are set.  Pork chops tonight for dinner with maybe brussels sprouts and salad.  Sounds yummy :).  I picked the below pintrest pin because really sometimes we all need to remember why we started and keep going.  Even when we aren't moving downward and we are frustrated we need to keep working out.  I feel grumpy when I don't work out.  How do you feel?  Edit to add I was 172.8 last Monday so I am up .3 pounds.  But overall that isn't to bad and AF is coming soon.  Only time will tell.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spin class today

Oh how I love to hate spin class :).  Its one of those classes that is tough and you are cursing the instructor but when you are done you feel great and glad that you finished an hour.  I did 21 miles in 60 mins according to the computer on the bike.  That is fairly good for me.  Outside I don't get the same speed, darn the head wind LOL.  It does make it hard to gauge how "far" I have gone on my trainer.  So I could have gone anywhere from 10 to 20 miles in the hour I was on my trainer on Tuesday.  So I have 30-40 miles done for the week.  I will do an outside ride either Saturday or Sunday for 30 miles and do an inside ride for 2-3 hours.  I will have to do some research I think, or buck up and pay for a wireless computer for the bike.  This is an 80 mile week and then next week is 100.  I think this will be a good build up for me.  My legs, butt, thighs are for sure feeling the burn of the class tonight.  I hope I am not to sore tomorrow so I can get my full body workout.
I realized today the only other change I have made to my lifestyle other than riding my bike is that I stopped the GNC ultra mega women's pack.  I wonder if that is what caused my lack of weight loss.... How frustrating would that be.  Since I was doing it to help my weight loss :(.  Lame.  Either way the scale is moving down.  171.9 this morning, so close to the 40 pounds lost mark I can taste it hahaha.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Leg workout

What a great workout. Did a legs circuit and then walked 1 mile in 19 mins. Not super fast but getting it done. Goal is a mile 3x's a week right now. I think this new plan will hold me until May 1.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13th

Today I didn't do a core workout at lunch but I did ride my bike for an hour tonight.  I did some abs afterwards.  I will do a full body strength training tomorrow at lunch that will include core and probably walk.  Eating was ok but for sure need to eat more to do these long rides.  Last night at midnight I woke up starving.  It was crazy.  Riding on the trainer is not as much fun as being outside.  I will be glad when nights get longer and we can go for a quick ride outside no problem then come home and eat.  Training is off to a great start :).

Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12

So yesterday I rode 22.88 miles, but I am going with 23.  I mean close enough right LOL.  Either way it was a good ride.  Took me just over 2 hours.  I was doing great until I turned around at mile 15 to come home.  The head wind really slowed me down.  I didn't have my bike computer but I would imagine I was only doing about 8 mph a lot of the way.  I averaged 10 over the whole course.  It was for sure a wake up call that I need to get moving.
Today I headed to the gym.  I need to keep at the strength training if I am going to have the endurance for 204 miles on my bike.  I did an upper body routine and walked on the treadmill for 20 mins.  Who thing took about an hour and I walked in my vibrams.  I am going to walk a couple times a week for a couple weeks in them so that hopefully I can start running in early to mid April.
All in all a good couple days.  Finally broke through my plateau and was down to 172.8 :).  I have been struggling to get below 173 and more often than not have been sitting at 175.  So I was happy to be going down again.
Went back to paleo as I think that is the biggest difference between December when I was losing weight and now when I was stuck.  I hope this downward trend continues as I add more time on my bike to my week.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 8th

So yesterday I was down with a stupid migraine.  I am starting to wonder if they are caffeine induced.  I had a cherry coke zero tonight and haven't gotten a headache.  So I am really thinking that is the cause.  The GNC tablets had caffeine in them.  So now I have to wean myself off of the soda/caffeine again :(.  Not super thrilled about that but happy to not have a raging headache tonight.  I did not workout yesterday as I went to bed shortly after dinner.  And tonight I took a rare opportunity to snuggle with my wonderful husband.  I am sure my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday workouts will more than make up for it :).  Working out 5 days this week is still a good amount and my eating has been under control.  I did do a good amount of my calories with the exception of dinner and I had 750 left of my 1500 at dinner so I am sure I am under for the day.  Gah I thought I was doing better at eating but I bet my calories are consistently to low for the amount of exercise I do which in turn messes up the body.
Breakfast had a scrambled egg burrito.  Snack some cashews and tea.  Lunch was a salad and steak.  Snack was a sandwich and coke zero.  Dinner was home made burritos with black beans instead of refried.  Overall it was a good eating day.  I signed up for the Nike Women's marathon tonight with Team in Training (help me find a cure for cancer) so that is super exciting.  I can't wait to start that training.  Yes I am filling my plate with lots of stuff but I figure if I can keep challenges on the horizon it will keep me motivated in working out and losing weight even when the scale is being mean :).

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 6th

Got to ride my bike tonight that was great.  Only got to ride for 30 mins but its better than nothing.  Kait wasn't going to let me ride much longer LOL.  But I also started week 9 of the live fit trainer.  Might as well finish what I started right.  I get time at lunch to work out so I will do what I can at lunch and call it good.  I am doing spin class on Thursday's so that will be the only day I won't really do a gym workout.  But 4 days a week on my bike and 6 days a week doing weights I should be in good shape for this summer and my double century.  Plus I will most likely start my 1/2 marathon training program with Team in Training in April or May.  I need to sign up (note to self).  So food, food is my biggest hurdle.  Most people struggle with food.  Society has made food a comfort and that is hard to change.
Breakfast Whole wheat bagel with cream cheese
Snack Celery and peanut butter
Lunch Left over steak and salad
Snack a handful of cashews
Dinner was a turkey sandwich from subway on wheat, no mayo, lots of lettuce, spinach and a few olives. Chips and a cookie as well :(.  Yeah the cookie probably shouldn't have been on the menu along with the sunchips but hey there are worse choices I could have made and my 1 of weights and 30 mins on the bike probably negate the cookie.
Water, english breakfast tea and a lemonade to drink.  No soda so it was a good day.  Nothing to terrible and probably under for calories.  Next step if I can log my food all week is to start counting calories.

Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5th

Well today I had the day off due to some appointments.  I am very glad I worked out this morning since tonight I have a terrible migraine type headache.  I did a 30 day shred level 1 this morning before starting my day.  I did spend a good portion of my workout beating myself up about my food choices and lack of weight loss.  But ya know that won't do me any good.  So I talked to my sister and we came up with a good plan.  I will allow one meal out to eat each week but it has to be at subway or equivalent really just subway but jimmy johns is ok too.  This way I am not quitting cold turkey but I am not allowing myself to eat out a ton.  That is my down fall.  I love to eat out.  And really I just have to decide how much do I want this.  So tomorrow I will start my food journal (didn't get it started today) and then post it here at the end of the night so I can keep track of what I am eating and how I am feeling.  The goal is real food.  Not anything special.  I will try to stay away from pre packaged meals and eat all real foods.  By April 4th (30 days) I should see some changes for the better.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Fourth (4th) fun run

Today (this morning at 9am) I did my second 5K.  I did it in just under 44 mins :).  Yeah that is like a 14 min mile but I got it done.  I was out there running it getting it done.  I almost skipped out at the last min but I am glad I did it and finished.  I also got to see alot of my Team in Training friends from last years Triathlon.  So that was a great bonus.  We did forget the stroller for my baby but that is ok.  There was a woman who was running and she was bigger than me in every sense of the word.  Not just in size but in courage, strength and determination.  I did tell her how great I thought she was doing.  She probably thought I was lying but that is ok.  Maybe she believed me and it helped her a bit.  We could all use a bit of her strength.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday March 3rd

So today was a great day.  Not really for working out but for me :).  I am reminded though on the weekends I am better off working out in the morning.  Otherwise I get busy and it doesn't get done :(.  That is the only bad thing about today.  But my eating was good.  I didn't splurge or binge, even passed on the ice cream the hubby was having.  I did walk around a bit while shopping which totally counts :).  I am running a 5k tomorrow so that should get those calories burning.  I enjoyed the day with my son and that is worth more than any work out.  I can't wait to post pictures of my race tomorrow and post how I did.  I fully expect to take 45 mins to finish but hey I am going to do it and that is more than I can say for some people :).

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Ticker update

So I was really having a hard time.  I mean I am working so hard to lose weight.  But you know when I went into labor I was 211 pounds.  Why should I not count that as my start?  Why should I not be proud of the almost 40 pounds I have lost since I had my daughter?  Well from this moment on I will be proud of every pound.  I am earning every pound I lose through hard work.  So to not give myself credit is a bunch of horse poo and I won't do it anymore.  I am an amazing person.  Just because I didn't finish the live fit doesn't mean I won't reach my goals.  Just because I am changing the method in which I am trying to lose weight doesn't make it wrong or mean I won't reach my goals.  I should look forward to the gym and my workouts not dread them.  I like lifting weights but ultimately the last four weeks of the live fit program were difficult because of the layout of my gym and my goals.  My goal is to ride my bike 204 miles this summer.  Yes I want to have a certain body look when all is said and done and yes I will strength train to obtain that.  But no I don't have to do it just one way.  I will do it the way I want and I won't feel bad about it.  I have lost almost 40 pounds and its time I celebrate my accomplishment instead of beating myself up that I need to lose more.  Women are so hard on themselves.  We never give ourselves credit for what we accomplish.  Housework, gym work, food, whatever it is we look at what we didn't finish or what we didn't do or how far we still have to go.  We need to look at how far we have come and be proud.  We are strong and we can do this.  I can do this.  I will do this!  I will reach my goal and I will be a healthy example for my kids.  And I will do it my way without the guilt.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

First spin class

I took my first spin class today.  Wow that is killer and going to be so beneficial to my ride in July.  I am glad I switched gears to focus on my bike.  I like doing my 30 day shred when I can but am glad to have a focus on training.  I think doing the shred 3-4 days a week will for sure help with my strength.  I am super glad I am working out.  Last week was not a good week to take off but maybe also good.  Its a weird grouping of emotions.  I am thinking about doing my shred tonight but my legs are SORE so ... to rest or not to rest.  I think for this first week I will take it easy and just see how it goes.  If tomorrow I wake up no problems then I know I could have shredded and I can add it in next week.  It will all get me to where I want to be and I am glad to be going there.