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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 25 (Thursday)

Well this week has been a workout at home week since getting to the gym or anywhere for that matter is not going to happen.  Today was chest and triceps and let me say my arms are weak after that work out.  I tried to push myself.  I won't change if I don't push myself.  I am proud that I did so.  Tomorrow I am going to do the 30 day shred in place of my legs work out however its a great leg workout with squats, forward lunges, side lunges, jumping jacks, jump rope, etc.  So it will give them a good workout and I just have to push myself :).  I am going to try to stick with the advance girl instead of the just starting girl :).  Food was ok today... artichoke would have been better without the mayonnaise, cherry coke zero would have been better as water and egg salad sandwich probably not my best option.... however it was better than eating out which is what I wanted to do and it could have been worse :).  Just have to keep on.  I was down two pounds this morning to 178.3 go me.  So something seems to be working.

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