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Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 30th Day 4

Breakfast ~ Half an instant packet of cream of wheat, half a glass of orange juice
Lunch ~ breakfast burrito, egg, cheese and sour cream
Dinner ~ 1 piece home made apple pie, few bites of spaghetti, 1 piece of garlic bread, 12 oz of Dr Pepper

Not my best eating day but not overly terrible... OK it was horrible.  No snacks and pie instead of dinner.  What was I thinking.  My workout went good though.  I had to take it easy on the jumping with my shins being hurting again but I am just pushing through this time.  No wimping out for me.  The run was great today.  I ran just over 2 miles in 26 mins.  So thinking I could do 2.5 miles in 30 mins.  The goal is 3 miles in 30 mins.  I am going to do this.  Once I can run the whole 30 mins/3 miles I will start doing my marathon training.

Calories in 1104
Calories out 487

All calories counted are approximate.

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