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Friday, September 17, 2010

September 17th

Breakfast ~ White Chocolate Mocha
Snack ~ half a small bag of cheetos (I almost fainted, so it was there and easy)
Lunch ~ turkey, cheese and spinach sandwich on split top wheat, 16 wheat thins
Snack ~ none
Dinner ~ Egg, mushroom, olive, cheese, sour cream burrito

Workout was great.  Those walking push ups really pushed me today but it was a good failure.  My body is rebuilding itself newer and stronger.  I am loving how I feel and look.  I feel much more confident in my abilities to do anything.  I think it shows too :).  Must remember to have snacks and breakfast, getting light headed and almost fainting was not a good thing.  Means my body likes the new healthier me and it wants to keep it :).

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