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Sunday, September 5, 2010

September 5th

Breakfast ~ Half of a homemade sausage, egg, cheese, english muffin sandwich, 2 glasses of Orange Juice
Lunch ~ 1 packet of Lipton chicken noodle soup, saltines, water
Dinner ~ half of a blueberry bagel, tea and water

I haven't been feeling well today.  I really was looking for a reason to not work out but I just couldn't not work out.  I made it through Day 12 Level 2 (day 2 of level 2) and it felt good to push through it.  I am fighting this cold thing that is threatening to derail me.  But I refuse to let it stop me.  Level 2 is no joke but I am noticing that my body is adapting faster.  I mixed up a couple moves today but I still got them all in.  I have to do the beginner level stuff for some of the plank moves but I am getting through it.  And improving everyday.  I will try to go running tomorrow morning and then do Level 2 again tomorrow night.  I am determined to be in the best shape of my life, one way or the other!  Alot more core movements with level 2.  Lots of planks.  LOVE IT!!

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