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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 29th

Breakfast ~ Complete bran flakes with milk
Snack ~ String cheese, chocolate milk
Lunch ~ 1/4 of a healthy choice meal Tangy BBQ chicken
Snack ~ Dr. Pepper, sour cream and cheeder chips (I paid for this snack in the bathroom)
Dinner ~ home made burrito, beans, cheese, olives and sour cream.

Calories eaten ~ 1374
Calories burned ~ 222ish
Water ~ not enough about 7 glasses.

Workout was great.  I hate to say it but I think I prefer to work out alone.  I like the "me" time.  With Chris there I feel silly and don't want to push to hard and make him feel bad.  Alone I will push myself a little harder.  My shins are acting up again :( so ice and motrin it is.  I just have to keep at it.  They will get better and especially as the weight comes off.  I will not have so many aches and pains as the pounds melt away.  I am going to look for a book tomorrow that might have a training log in it also.  I think I will pick up a new cookbook too while I am out.  Who knows.  Its a Jessi only day and I plan to enjoy it.  I am doing great and feeling great.  Had a fat moment when I first started my workout but by the end I was over it :).

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