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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21st

Breakfast ~ 1 nutra grain waffle (not tasty)
Snack ~ granola bar chocolate chip
Lunch ~ turkey, cheese, spinach sandwich on multigrain wheat (45 calories)
Snack ~ saltine mini crackers
Dinner ~ sesame chicken, terriaky chicken and some rice.  Root beer to drink.

Water was good today.  At least 4 containers full at work (16 oz per container)  So at least 8 cups while at work.

Exercise ~ walked just over 2 miles in 50 mins buring 259 calories according to my heart rate monitor.  Level 3 of the 30 day shred.  Today was a good day.  My body is adjusting slowly to level 3.  I got through more of it without breaks and did the first part of strength as advanced instead of beginner.  I am still not doing much of the jump training but I did the squat jumps and rockstars without a break today.  Improvement is a good thing.  I feel good tonight.  Perhaps I should work to do it a bit earlier from now on so I can go to bed earlier... We shall see.  Three more nights then a 2 day break before starting again on level 1 with Chris.  I bet you guys can't wait for that :).

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