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Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2010

Breakfast ~ Oatmeal with milk and a tsp of sugar
Lunch ~ turkey, cheese sandwich on split top wheat bread, 1 serving wheat thin crackers
Dinner ~ 1 slice Digornio cheese pizza
No snacks today.  Only drank water.  Not sure how much since some was shared with Chris.
Workout felt good.  I was tired and didn't want to do it (I know common theme) but I did it anyway and of course as always I felt great because I finished.  Today was day 18 only 12 more to go.  It was day 8 of level 2.  I can see that I am improving.  But its still hard when I can't finish a set without a 5 second break.  Planks are hard for me since my core is the part of me the most out of shape.  But it is getting smaller.  We bought two full length mirrors today (on sale) and it made a big difference in form.  Especially during the oblique twists those things are hard.  I am still having trouble with the last set of abs, plank twists but I keep trying and I will get there. Only 2 more days then moving on to level 3.  And that is a great feeling knowing that I am so close to the end and seeing such good results.  I can't wait to see my after picture.

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