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Saturday, September 18, 2010

September 18th

Breakfast ~ 3 Blueberry muffins
Snack ~ None
Lunch ~ 1/2 cup macaroni and cheese
Snack ~ Wheat thins, cream cheese and pipapecker sauce.
Dinner ~ Easy pasta from my Fitness magazine.  Wheat Penne, Tomatoes, spinach, garlic and cheese.  328 calories per serving.  YUMMY!!
Snack ~ Sugar, fat free chocolate pudding

5 days left of the workout.  My body is protesting every step of the way.  But I am determined.  I always feel better after but I will be thankful for a few days off.  Then back to a 6 day a week workout schedule.  Or at least that is the plan for right now.  Chris said if I restart the 30 day shred he will do it with me.  I am thinking about doing it on a 6 day a week schedule instead of 7 and see how that goes.  We shall see.  If I do restart it I won't move on to the next level until I can do it without breaks.

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