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Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 1 AGAIN!! September 27th

Here we go again :).  I am on another 30 day shred.  This time I am trying to do the more advanced stuff.  I did most of today at the advanced level.  The push ups really were rough and had to be done at the beginner level.  Made me feel bad at first but I finished the rest of the workout strong so that was good.  Push ups are just tough!

Breakfast ~ 1/2 serving raisin bran
Snack ~ Kashi bar
Lunch ~ 1/2 Chicken, spinach, cheese sandwich, 1 slice home made apple pie, 3 baby carrots, saltines
Snack ~ last of saltines
Dinner ~ 1/4 baked chicken breast, rice, green beans
Snack ~ handful of popcorn

Calories taken in ~ 1389 (approximate)
Calories burned ~ 200 (approximate)

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