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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1

Wohoo Start of a new month :).
I am doing great.  Today was day 8.  I don't think this was one of my best workouts but I think it was better than the first time I did the video.
Breakfast ~ Blueberry bagel with cream cheese, water
Snack ~ donut, and package of apples
Lunch ~ PB&J on wheat bread, Chobani yogurt (strawberry)
Dinner ~ Bean burrito with cheese, olives and lettuce.

Lots of protein today with the beans, peanut butter, and yogurt.  I still stayed under 1300 calories if the counter is right.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  I think I have found something that works for me and to heck with what anyone says.  I didn't get this way overnight and one workout and one healthy meal isn't going to change me back.  These are lifestyle changes we are making.  Just by eating at home more I am eating healthier.  By working out every night I am improving my health.  Those that want to say I can't do it well poo on you.  I can and will do this and be a stronger person in the end.

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