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Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 4th

Today was Day 11.  First day of Level 2.  OMG that is some tough stuff.  I am a hurting momma!  But I finished and I feel great, sweaty but great.  My heart is pumping.  Tomorrow I am going to use my heart rate monitor so I can see how many calories level 2 is burning.  I also went for a run this morning.  Doing GREAT!

Breakfast ~ Complete Bran flakes and milk
Lunch ~ Mushroom Swiss Burger, fries and a dr pepper
Snack ~ apple slices
Dinner ~ Grilled chicken, 1/2 an ear of corn on the cob, 1/2 cup of pasta salad with wheat noodles
Snack ~ birthday cake (Hey its not everyday your baby boy turns 4)

Actually even with my two splurges I am doing good for eating.  And I worked out twice :).  Go me!

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