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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Broke through my plateau

I finally broke through my plateau.  I was at 163 this morning :).  It feels great to be moving down again.  My clothes are fitting better (not so tight) and I feel great.  My confidence is up and I am pushing through.  I went for a run this morning and it was wonderful.  I didn't get quiet 2 miles but I did 28 mins and burned 259 calories according to my heart rate monitor.  I love that thing.  I don't know how I survived before it :). I am loving the fact that my body is making good choices for me.  It doesn't want those icky foods.  It is making the changes without me trying.  Tonight while everyone is enjoying Hot Dogs I will have some grilled chicken, and the pasta salad is going to be made with whole wheat Rotini instead of White.  Small changes to change our lifestyle, not a quick fix.  I am excited to be adding some jogging/walking into my days.  Just three days a week.  Nothing crazy.  Plus walks with the dog and family at night.  I am going to be one HOT mamma!

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