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Friday, September 3, 2010

Level 1 DONE!

Today was the last day for Level 1 of the 30 day shred.  I feel great and very excited to start Level 2.  I actually went and counted to make sure I wasn't mistaken.  I can't believe its been 10 days already.  I do have to force myself to work out some nights but I just remind myself how great I feel afterwards and that helps.  Writing here each night helps too.  because when I am in a funk I can read this and remember how great I felt when I got done and it helps me to get up and get moving.

Breakfast ~ Complete Bran Flakes with milk
Lunch ~ Teriyaki chicken (needed some protein)
Dinner ~ One bite of a burrito supreme, one bite of a taco supreme and one bite of a chicken flatbread thing, all from Taco Bell and all very gross.  I guess my tastes are changing.
Water honestly no idea.

I am finding that I don't want to eat out.  The thought just doesn't appeal to me.  I want to go home and eat something that I know how good it is for me.  I am doing all this work why throw it away with bad food.  I am craving carrots and apples, and other healthy things.  I am loving these changes and I am glad that I jumped back into this with both feet.  It has been great for me.  I just hope it does the trick for October weigh-ins.  I am sure if I stay on track and continue to improve my eating I will not only feel great but I will look great too :).  I looked at some pictures today that were taken recently and I can see a difference.  It might be subtle but its there.  Well off to shower and go to bed feeling great!

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