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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31 (last day of the month)

Today was day 7 of the workout.  I really was wanting to skip it, make excuses and go to bed.  But I pushed through and pushed my self and am so glad I did.  I feel amazing.  I finished strong, pushed myself and feel great!  I was a little weak with the push ups but once I got going I really got going.  Even being the first day of my cycle I feel better.

Breakfast ~ English muffin
Snack ~ pack of organic apples, bag of smart food popcorn
Lunch ~ Half an order of ceaser salad
Dinner ~ baked chicken, noodles, and corn
Water ~ no idea :(.

But I feel great so there is no beating this feeling.  I am sure my better food day helped and being day 7. Three more days and then I start level 2.

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