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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 7, 23 to go

A week into my thirty days.  I'm trucking right along.  I have hit that point where if I don't work out I feel all cranky and grumpy.  I went the new gym again today and tried the Les Mills RPM (aka spin) class.  It was 45 mins of hard work.  I was sweating, the good kind of sweat.  And tonight my back muscles are sore.  Or tired either way its a good kind of sore.  I'm tired too.  I totally failed at my food choices today so we won't bother talking about those.  I'm gonna sleep good tonight though :).  I haven't lost any weight but considering at one point I was up to 171 last week I'm ok with holding steady at 169.  I look forward to all the classes and getting those pounds to start shedding.  That and not having any money to eat out will be a good step in eating healthy.  Today should be the last day of fast food until Chris gets paid again since we are out of fun money.  Here is to another day.

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