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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 17 & 18

Oh my I forgot to write last night LOL.  My bad.  Well yesterday was a fun crazy kind of day.  Got my self out of bed and went to the gym for a run and bodypump.  Ah it felt great.  Then I came home showered and went to the store.  Ate lunch too late and got a terrible headache for the rest of the day.  I finally took some advil and got some relief.  But looking at a computer wasn't going to happen.  I was rather low on calories but also ate three mini cupcakes with my kids for my youngest DD's birthday.  Today was a rest day.  I got up, got on the scale after a full nights sleep and the conclusion of my monthly cycle and wouldn't you know I am down to 167.1.  I wondered if the lack of sleep and cycle were causing the lack of weight loss.  So now I am popping on to update and then off to bed.  Hopeful for another nights sleep.  I'm going to take the kids to school and then go for a walk/run around the neighborhood.  That way I only do bodypump tomorrow night and we don't have to be at the gym for as long.  I know the kids will appreciate that :).  They aren't crazy about being there for 2 hours.  Or close to it.  So I will still get my 2 workouts in just at different times in the day.  I'm also going to try to get my house cleaned up.  It's driving me a little bonkers.  I will also say I feel like I have pent up energy.  One of the side effects of a rest day I guess.  I can't believe I am on the downhill slide of my 30 day challenge.

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