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Thursday, September 5, 2013

30 Day Challenge

Sounds good right!?
So here we go.  Another attempt at motivation.  But this time I recruited help.  My sister, my hubby, friends on FB and now on my blog.  I figure if I am doing this with others instead of alone it will be easier to stay on track.  Eating wasn't super today but it could have been worse.  So today was day 1.  End date is October 5th.  I walked 1.2 miles this morning and did a kettlebell and misc this afternoon.  Thanks Pinterest for lots of little workouts I just put them together for a 25 min workout.  It's movement and that is the key.  I have goals.  Big goals.  I won't reach them without a plan.  Floundering wasn't working.  Running in 80 degree weather isn't working so I have to find what works.  Hopefully I have.

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