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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 10, rest day

Today is my rest day.  A day to look forward to and a day to dread.  You never know if you will get back on the wagon tomorrow.  Will this start a vicious cycle?  No probably not.  I am enjoying my workouts too much to stop now.  If only food would be so easy.  I try to give paleo 100% but I usually fail.  I am not a low carb dieter.  And it's not a lifestyle I enjoy so reality is that I need to find what works.  Problem is I am jealous of all the skinny chicks who make it seem so easy to eat clean or paleo and lose weight and stay on track.  Frustrates me to no end.  I will get this though.  I will eat at home.  I will make healthy choices, no sweet treats.  But I don't want to starve myself either.  Today I had pumpkin paleo pancakes and chicken apple sausage for breakfast.  Lunch... cheese and crackers... Dinner was Lasagna and garlic bread.  But I kept my portion small and stopped when full.  Sadly I know that it wasn't the best choice.  Although I will say completely made from scratch lasagna and it was tasty :).  I haven't had lasagna in months.  So there was my rest day.  Perhaps a cheat/rest day is what could help.  We could try it.  I could find a new recipe that I'm going to make that has a cheat in it.  And each Sunday I get to have that cheat.  But the rest of the week I have to fuel my body with only healthy good foods.  It's worth a shot.  Nothing else has panned out so far.

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