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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 14

So getting on track with the days here :).  Eating wasn't to bad.  Breakfast was two pieces of bacon, a pumpkin paleo muffin and one hard boiled egg.  Gave the other one to the oldest.  She loves them.  I had a sandwich and indulged in sun chips.  Dinner was a 6" turkey sandwich on wheat no mayo, no cheese, added lettuce, spinach, olives.  My calories are/were low but I don't feel hungry so I'm going with it.  I will try to just eat as hungry and make good choices.  I did a 30 min run walk before attempting bodypump again.  This was my third class.  I think I might be making progress but I'm not sure.  I am sure that I am giving everything and sweating like a beast.  It drips down my elbows LOL.  I'm not doing a ton of weight but I am going to failure.  So working out is on track and eating while not superb is better than it has been.  I am reposting this picture because I feel that it is true.  Not me, not this time.

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