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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 38 (Wednesday)

Legs day!  No cardio today.  I notice that I feel like I get a better workout from doing cardio... hmmm.  Although I love doing weights now too.  I did have Taco Bell for dinner :(.  It was late, swim lessons and then a refi signing and I just didn't have the energy to cook at 730 at night.  Yes that was poor planning on my part.  On a normal swim lesson night it would have worked out fine.  I did do the leg press and did 50 pounds for two sets of 8 and 60 for one set of 8.  I felt good about that.  I did step ups with 20 pounds and did Squats with 30 pounds.  All higher than before so that is good.  Leg press didn't get the fourth set finished but when you get a bad hurt its time to stop.  All in all a good workout.  Took 50 mins to complete and I did 3 sets of 10 reps on the roman chair since I have been missing those at home.  Tomorrow will be another great day I just know it. The picture today is for my ladies in my mommy group all working to lose that baby weight.

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