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Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 40 (Friday)

Today was a shoulders day...
I did get a 30 mins swim in and did 18 laps which equals 1/2 mile.  I have done 14,300 yards since the first of December.  I am pretty proud of that.  I also noticed yesterday that my face seems thinner.  That makes me feel good.  The scale might be holding steady but the weight is falling off.  All this weight lifting is making me buff :).  I did go upstairs today quickly without feeling out of breath.  Things are getting better.  Some good sleep this weekend should help too.  Tomorrow I will do legs and shoulders and cardio.  Yeah its more than required but gotta make up for today.  If the weather holds out through Sunday I might take advantage and go for a ride, just a small one... teehee.  Food was kind of off today :( but next week I start a 30 day challenge at work and am challenging myself to not eat out for the whole 30 days.  Menu planning is going to be the key.

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