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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 51 (Tuesday)

Legs day, wohoo.  I totally should have done my workout at lunch time but I was so hungry I opted to eat instead LOL.  So I had to get my tired butt going at 8pm to get my leg workout in.  I got 20 mins into my workout and had to call it.  Something is going on with my right knee :(.  Cracking and pain isn't a good sign.  And only when I was putting undue weight on it to push me upward.  GAH I hate this.  I will push my upper body tomorrow.  I will get through this and get on track with my weightloss.  I guess 20 mins and trying is better than nothing at all and hurting my knee to where I can't work out won't do me any good either.  Especially since I just paid for STP.  March 12th I will be done with LIVEFIT and start the program in my weight lifting rules for women book.

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