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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 45 (Wednesday)

So tired.... Having a sick baby that keeps us up all night is rough.  So working out is tiresome LOL.  But I pushed through.  I didn't get to work out at the base gym since baby girl had to be taken to the dr for an ear infection that just won't quit.  We took a little nap.  I worked out after dinner.  Rode the bike for 30 mins and did my chest and abs workout.  I am trying to push myself as I have said before.  I did the dumbell bench and incline dumbell bench at 20 pounds.  That felt great and was tough LOL.  I am sure I could be pushing more if I had pushed myself sooner but at least I am doing it now right.  It was a good workout and I am glad I got it done.  I realized today if my weightloss stayed steady at the 10 pounds in 6 weeks I would be at my goal sometime in September :).  That was a happy thought.  I just have to keep going.

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