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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 46 (Thursday)

Today was a good workout day.  Shoulders I found a little harder to push, partly because form got terrible with to much weight and partly because someone was using the 20's I wanted to use.  The cardio was not my friend for the first bit but after the 15 min mark I found a grove and got it done.  Perhaps my legs being sore added to the whole experience.  I was happy to get it done either way.  I went and had my body fat tested via caliper.  I am at 37.5%.  I will have it done again in 30 days at the end of my work challenge.  I can also have it done anytime so I will probably have it done as I get to my goal weight.  I hope that is sooner rather than later LOL.  Tomorrow is going to be another fabulous day of working out and getting it done!

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