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Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 50 (Monday)

Wow I can't believe I am halfway through phase 2.  It is amazing how fast it's going.  Friday and Saturday workouts got missed.  Partly because I was exhausted.  Sick baby, no sleep and funky eating schedule just did me in.  I did get my workout in today though.  Swam for 45 mins and did my arms and ab workout at home.  Minus the few things I couldn't do.  No pinterest inspiration tonight as I am not on my computer and in a hurry.  But eating was great today.  Eating was crap Sunday and I was physically ill from not eating good food.  That will teach me.  I guess I was doing better than I thought though :).  Just need to keep going.  I was down .7 pounds from last week when I weighed in for the challenge at work.  I will just see how it goes.  Friday I will be doing another progress picture as it will have been a month.  I can't believe it.  I look forward to seeing how I am doing other than just that mean ole scale :).

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