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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 52 (Wednesday)

Today was a chest day.  I did run 5 mins without stopping woot.  I have never done that before.  I walk/ran a mile in 17 mins... so I still count it a win.  I missed a few of the workouts today, sounds like the story of my life.  I ran out of time, no ones fault but my own.  I did manage to get some time in the pool and swam 20 laps and swam for 45 mins.  I go slow for the first 15 mins while my oldest learns to swim laps with me :).  Its worth it.  At least I got a decent workout in and I didn't bail completely.  I would like to find something that didn't take me quite so long at the gym.  I might have to split my cardio and my weights to get through the last 4.5 weeks.  So close to the end of the program and really I am getting stronger even if the scale doesn't want to go down :(.  I am sure my erratic eating has nothing to do with it....  Today especially I need to remember this one.

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