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Monday, April 2, 2012

Workout is done!

So tonight was one of those nights that I just didn't want to do it.  I was feeling tired and grumpy and just wanted to be lazy.  But ya know I pushed through, did better tonight than last night and got the workout done.  I did the shred it with weights and already am doing better with the new moves.  Jumping squat turny things are tough and make me dizzy but I keep trying.  By the end my squat isn't as good as it was LOL but I am doing it and that is the important part.  I found that the turkish thing she does aggravates my wrist so I will just do cardio.  I don't think it will hurt my results.  The key is to be moving.  And heck if I am not doing that :).  I hear the weather is going to be nice this weekend so hopefully we will get some time on the bikes.  Wish we had someone to watch all three kids so we could go together but its not to be. But getting the time outside on the bikes will be good.  Aiming for 40 miles with no less than 30.  Well better get done, get showered and get to bed.  0430 comes way to early in the morning.

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