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Sunday, April 8, 2012

20 miles and 20 mins

No I didn't go 20 miles in 20 mins.  I wish, that would be amazing.  Well let me rephrase, on my bike that would be amazing.  In my car that is totally normal :).  So I did 20 mins of my Shred it with weights.  I couldn't finish the workout since I was so weak from not eating right.  So I decided crash diet be damned and I will eat healthy and workout and just keep on moving forward instead of trying to do something that my body is resisting.  I did manage to ride 20 miles today and it was beautiful outside so that made it great.  I have never gotten to ride in the summer/spring and the warm sun.  It has been winter the last two years when I was riding so this only in my jersey was amazing.  I am glad I did it but again my nutrition has been lacking so I wasn't able to do the 30 I wanted to do.  I hope by next weekend to crank out 30 miles and just keep building from there.  Taking a break because of my wrist and because of my eating this weekend has set me behind.  No time to dwell.  Got to keep training and trying.  These were my sentiments today.

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