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Sunday, April 1, 2012

On the bike trainer

So I managed to do 90 mins on the bike on the trainer.  I love being outside better but based on my times outside this would be equivalent to about 20 miles.  In spin it would be the same as 30 miles.  So either way I am happy with that.  I hope to keep building on it.  I need more outside rides though since its easier to ride for 5 hours outside :).  Had a very good paleo day.  Lunch was yummy shrimp, pineapple (fresh), and mushrooms, sautéed in garlic, oil and a little marsala.  Should have cut the mushrooms up a bit but otherwise it was very tasty and the fresh pineapple was AMAZING.  We are having pulled pork from everydaypaleo.com and probably salad to go with it.  We aren't big coleslaw people.  Good workouts, good foods, should bring good results :).  Hope everyone else is having a fabulous Sunday.

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