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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mid week

Today is my last workout day before I take a rest day and then hit it hard for the weekend.  I ran 2.67 miles which is down from Monday but I decided to do an easier run in the hopes my shins wouldn't hate me so much.  Although through the day they have become more achy :(.  I guess motrin and ice are in my evening routine LOL.  I am going to keep on going though and just work on my hip strength and stretching.  If I have to drop back down to 4 min runs I will.  Whatever it takes to not stop.  It is frustrating though and I really wish my shins didn't give me so many problems.  Hopefully I can correct this myself without having to do physical therapy again.  I did not swim tonight as I sliced my finger open and did not want to have the screaming pain the salt water chlorine pool would induce.

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