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Friday, April 6, 2012

Level 1

So I am about a week into level 1 and while the movements are becoming more fluid they aren't getting easier :).  Mostly just a tough workout which I love.  I did up my weight from the 5 pound kettle bell to the 10 pound kettle bell for the first two circuits and I think that really challenged my muscles.  I ate dinner way later than I wanted to and while super yummy thanks to my wonderful hubby I would have rather eaten at 5 or 6 than 830.  Made a nom nom paleo dish shrimp and salad.  It is amazing how much I have learned about nutrition and working out over the last couple years.  I hope to get a nice long ride done this weekend.  I think I say that alot of weekends but my wrist is doing much better and hope to get 30 miles in if not 40.  Well now that I am tired I will head to bed.  I was 168.3 this morning.  Lets hope I can be good and make weight on Tuesday so I can stop stressing about that and finally move on with my more fun/important goals :).

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