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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Trainer ugh

I dislike riding on my trainer.  Especially because yesterday was so nice and today was no rain so I could have ridden outside.  However with my eating being poor and being sick yesterday and today I was not feeling it.  I did ride for 30 mins because I already missed 2 days this week and missed 2 strength days :(.  But I will just keep on chugging along and hope that I start feeling better soon.  I am torn, I don't know if I should bump up to week 4 of my training plan or repeat week 3.  With my shins I almost think repeating a week will be a better option.  That and I anticipate being out of commission for working out on Thursday and Friday from my surgery.  If my shins weren't bothering me I probably would have run on Friday and would be bumping my mileage :(.  I hate my shins.  I did get my compression sleeve though and I really hope that helps.

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