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Saturday, April 7, 2012


I really dislike dieting.  I prefer to eat healthy and make good choices.  But my job is on the line so I have cut WAY back on everything in an effort to drop those last few pounds.  But after I make weight no more of this crap.  I could never do this on a consistent basis.  I would rather just make good choices.  Although I will admit I don't always make good choices.  Food or nutrition is so hard and probably the hardest part of losing weight for many people.  Food affects how much you lose, how fast you lose, if you lose at all.  And lets be honest the worst food for you can taste really fantastic :).  I was 167 this morning so its working but man am I cranky.  I really hope its all worth it and I make weight either Monday or Tuesday at the latest so I can get back to normal.

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