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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday and getting so close

So yesterday I realized if I didn't take a rest day I wouldn't get one until next Tuesday... So I took the night off.  I am working really hard at eating right so I can make weight and not eating out both for our budget and for my health.  Let me say it's not easy.  I want things that aren't good for me.  But it's totally going to be worth it when I make weight this week :).  I did my second training run and made it through.  Used a different treadmill.  I think the other one is easier and I will stick to that one.  I had some technical difficulties.  I think I went about 2 miles in the 40 mins but I did the same speed and time as my last run so I am not sure.  Either way I completed the time and ran for 2 mins each time (total of 5 times) and I am thrilled with that.  I just keep pushing and trying to push outside the comfort zone.  I am thrilled at how today went.  Friday will be my last run day for the week.  Got the exercise down pat, now to work on food and I will shred weight like crazy.

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